The Trip

When sight and wisdom can’t be found its simply time to get down. Down on knees to pray. Asking God for brighter light and a better way. Just as the scriptures say. Pray everyday. Because in times such as these. Its a necessity. There is a enemy of man whose running out of time. Trying to take each and every one he can find. So many are lost and cast under his spell. With a reserved spot going right straight to hell.

I pray you don’t mess around, and in Christ be found. Because the enemy is surly running out of time and it won’t be long. So reserve your ticket and be sure you’re taking the heavenly trip. Where the book of life has your name in it.

I’ve made my own arrangements which are heaven sent. Therefore I cast out every demonic spirit from which it came. In the name which is above every name. That name is Jesus Christ. The one who possess my life. Therefore, I have those plans. To ride on the wings of the most high. Where there is love, hope, truth and eternal life.

This is the trip I plan to take; because I choose to live and not die. That is the main reason why. Though every circumstance and situation may not be the same. They all require us to call upon the name above all names. That name is Jesus Christ, the Savior of life. And that more abundantly. Ever lasting throughout all eternity. The Savior has already paid the price. With his own life. There is no need for any other sacrifice.

Though it’s not an easy road to travel; living in this world. It is only a journey. Because you can visualize all you ever hoped for. When you plan your trip in the will of whats heaven sent. Trust and believe my God will supply everything you need. Be covered by the blood while you’re in this world. Than my God shall provide a supernatural source with tailor made gear while were here. Guidance, direction, love and protection. A place to be undercover while he takes out the destroyer. That place is in Christ. Absolutely no other. Not a friend, spouse, mother, father, sister or brother. Therefore plan this trip on the way to the Father.