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Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband and Cheap Broadband

With the aid of mobile broadband a person can have Internet connectivity when he is inside a vehicle or away from home. So long as the area has got mobile network signal, he can access the internet even if the place does not have a regular internet connection. There is a provision known as post code checker, which allows you to enter your post code and find out if the area comes under the UK mobile coverage. In the UK there is a concerted effort to spread and speed up the growth of mobile broadband, using which the country is hoping to provide complete internet access even to remote areas by 2012.

The use of mobile broadband need not necessarily be restricted to travel time usage. Some Internet service providers offer different package deals where a broadband connection can be used for home as well as for traveling. UK mobile broadband providers have different schemes starting from a monthly £10 ‘3 mobile broadband package’. ‘T mobile’ has the next range where prices are reasonable if the customer opts for a 2 year contract. Then there is the scheme of Vodafone, with different prices for one year, one and a half years, and two years. Virgin Media is a relatively new entrant into the field and has got an 18 month package. Another company, named 02, has one month, 18 month, and 24 month offers. Orange is yet another mobile broadband provider, which currently has got only an 18 month deal. While this technology is steadily evolving, it is as yet not recommended for heavy downloads.

Mobile or not, a cheap connection is everybody’s option, but whether a cheap broadband is actually cheap or not would depend upon myriad factors. Monthly charges of some companies may be quite reasonable but they may have something known as installation charges. Yet other companies may charge for the router or modem or other accessories necessary for the connection. When you add up all these, the average charge may work out to more than its professed charge. Then there could be other companies whose rates would fully qualify for the cheap broadband tag, but they may be a bit lax on customer service. These companies feel that once the connection is provided, their responsibility ends. There are comparison web sites which abound with user opinion, and those who want to take a fresh connection can use those to compare the customer service standards of different companies. Above all, the speed of the internet is very important, and a cheap broadband where images load poorly, and downloading is done slowly, would be a travesty of cost saving.

When you sign up for longer contracts, the rates would obviously be cheap. But the problem here is that at the speed with which internet technology is developing, better and faster technologies may appear in the market pretty soon, and you will find that you are remaining saddled with some antediluvian form of internet connection. All these points have to be considered when opting for a cheap broadband connection.